Radio Reynolds supports Ham Radio training program

Radio Reynolds supports Ham Radio training program

Radio Reynolds and XMS Systems Content Management and Hosting have kicked off a joint development program aimed at increasing the number of recruits licensed to practice as Radio Amateurs.

Radio Reynolds announced the completion of the first phase of a multi year training initiative.The basis of the project is to provide an online training support tool to the many Amateur Radio clubs who offer RAE training to new and prospective ham radio operators.

Access to the tool is free of charge and open to anyone with an interest in developing their skills in the field of amateur radio.

It provides access to a question database and a series of mock exams whereby students can get instant feedback on their level of skills.THe question database has almost 450 imbedded questions which are graded and moderated through advanced internal controls.

The project has been enthusiastically  received by the amateur radio fraternity and a number of senior and experienced radio hams of volunteered to act as moderators.

During the initial test phase almost 500 individual tests were taken and  the associated test results of those who participated in the trails were extremely positive.

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